Business Crime Newsletter

20th August 2015

The latest Business Bulletin from the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner can be viewed here

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Broadband Scheme

7th August 2015

Broadband Connection Voucher scheme
Your business could get up to £3k towards faster and better broadband, through the Broadband ... more »


Engineering Skills Employer Ownership Fund

20th January 2015

Engineering Skills Employer Ownership Fund

The government has recently announced a new phase of funding to support training for engineering careers in smaller companies over a 3 year period. We encourage you to apply for this funding as it looks like a potentially good scheme for SMEs in the Black Country.

Purpose & Aims
• The funding is open to any small or medium sized company which directly employs people in engineering occupations. Its aim is to help companies grow and become more productive through investing in the skills of its current and future engineers.
• Government will contribute 50% of eligible costs to firms who have projects to provide extra training to employees. You will need to spend £20,000 over 3 years on eligible training of which you will get 50% support (£10,000 net cost to you).
• The training must lead to skills that are transferable and can be used in other companies and occupations which support career progression and conversion training.
• Training should target employees from skilled operators through to engineer associate professionals and those on pathways through to professional status.

• Organisations must be registered as a private company ...